Our Award-Winning Head Chef

Olly Rouse is one of a new breed of creative chefs who has an inspiring and original vision for modern fine-dining. Olly joined Lainston in 2013, and has since brought a wealth of experience and exciting new ideas.

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Olly started his kitchen career at the tender age of 13 at Les Bouviers Restaurant in Dorset and immediately became engrossed with flavours and textures. He quickly progressed through the ranks and moved properties to quench his appetite for more knowledge. He moved to London to work at Petrus, his first Michelin starred restaurant and then on to The Vineyard at Stockcross where, as Sous Chef, the restaurant gained their second Michelin star.

Olly's Philosophy

Olly’s philosophy stems from the land. Every new dish is considered from many aspects before finalising a new idea... Having a tireless obsession with seeking out ingredients that he considers special, Olly is an advocate of celebrating Britain and grows his own produce in the hotel’s abundant kitchen garden; his menus are completely market-led and ingredient inspired. Olly is also on a never-ending quest to learn, discover and explore global flavours and techniques.

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Today, and together with the whole brigade of chefs at Lainston, a new way is evolving. It is a resurrection of old, many forgotten techniques from around the world.

Fascinated and endlessly resourceful, Olly embraces heritage techniques of preservation including burying and fermenting home-grown summer fruit and vegetables. 

Olly believes that the journey a meal takes you on should be encompassing and unique to everyone. A business lunch is a different dining experience from a gastronomic tasting menu during a celebration and through careful structuring of our dishes and menus the team achieve this. 

"The Restaurant offers grandeur and character. It's a dining room to feel special in and at the same time to relax in. Dining with us is great every day. We have a diverse range of menus from two-course lunches to eight-course gastronomic tasting plates."

Olly Rouse

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