This is no ordinary meeting room. Keats’ biophilic design connects the natural world with inspired thinking. It’s where a seed of an idea can grow into your next best business idea, or where you can simply come to disconnect and zone out from the buzz of the work day. We’ve stripped out the boardroom table and done away with traditional meeting chairs and instead you can sink into a giant bean bag or take a seat on a stylish sofa. Here we are literally breathing life into your business, filling the space with living plants to oxygenate and clean the air, and help reduce stress and increase productivity in a work environment. There’s also a humungous 110” TV so you can immerse yourselves with visual and audio stimulus too – maybe a meditation break is on the cards, or some relaxing music for your pre-dinner drinks reception? In this space we encourage you to think a bit differently and work a bit differently too. Break away from the formality of desks to speak to your team in a more relaxed and open manner, or head outside onto the terrace area for sunlight, fresh air and a literal different point of view. Amazing things can happen when you break outside the norms.

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Room layouts

Keats is a fixed meeting space, so you can enjoy the room as it is - no fuss!

  • Room Measurements

    • Length - 7.8
    • Width - 6.6
    • Min Height - 3.27
    • Max Height - 4.1
    • Floor Area - 51.48
  • Room Specification

    • Air Conditioning
    • Blackout Facilities
    • Natural Light
  • Features

    110” TV

    Living plants to oxygenate and clean the air

    Informal seating