Dermal Fillers

Plump lines and enhance facial contours for an instantly youthful appearance...

If the skin on your face has lost its firmness and fullness, a facial filler treatment may be the perfect solution.
Dermal filler is a naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into the face to smooth wrinkles and folds especially around the nose and mouth to give your face a younger, refreshed more plumped appearance. It is also used to plump out scars or indentations in the face and to define and enhance lips, reshape the nose, or define and plump out cheeks.

As each person and their requirements are unique, we price all of our dermal filler treatments on the amount of filler used. Our pricing starts from £400 for 1ml

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Dr Catharine Denning

Catharine is a GMC registered medical doctor based on Harley Street and who specialises in advanced medical aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology. She has a special interest in facial enhancement treatments as well as a Masters (level 7) qualification in injectable treatments.

She prides herself on providing a holistic, 'whole-face' approach to care and giving natural results, making you feel refreshed with a youthful glow.

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